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Yutaka Imai
Name Yutaka Imai
Kanji 今井 豊
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 7
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Ai Matayoshi
English {{{voice actor english}}}
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Yutaka Imai (今井 豊 (ユタカ) Imai Yutaka) is a first year student and the classmate of Tōru Ichii and Miho Noyama.


Yuatak has shoulder length auburn hair that has bangs swept to the right, red eyes (but her eyes are often shown as closed) and quite large breasts as stated by Miho Noyama. She has also said that she wears contact lenses, and she can't see very well without them.


Yutaka is a very mischievous and shameless girl who is envious whenever Miho Noyama and Tōru Ichii are chatting.


Miho Noyama[]

Yuataka is best friends with Miho, whom she calls Miporin.

Tōru Ichii[]

Yutaka is a "fan" of Tōru that she is obsessed with her as she always tries to hug her and get close to her, but she is stopped by Miho Noyama's 3-minute-rule.