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Tōru Ichii
Tooru character preview.jpg
Name Tōru Ichii
Kanji 一井 透
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Aoi Yuki
English Tia Ballard
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Tōru Ichii is a first year student and Run's best friend. She is one of the main protagonists of A Channel.


She is a short (141 cm/4'7") first year student who often has overly long sleeves, going past her hands. She has mentioned that she does not like to expose her arms, but does not seem too bothered by it when she wears her summer uniform, which has short sleeves, as Run was the one to reccomend that . Due to her short and skinny stature, she often has trouble finding clothes that fit her. She usually wears the regular school uniform with a large purple sweater over it and thigh-high black socks, which once looked like loose socks because her legs were so skinny. When wearing her summer uniform, she wears a no-sleeve version of her purple sweater.

Tōru has "black" (actually a very dark shade of brown) hair. She wears it short, with two long bangs at the sides and a strand of hair in the front. She has dark red or deep pink eyes.


Tōru is very responsible, dependable, and smart, as well as calm and composed. Her extremely serious expression causes people to sometimes think of her as a Kuudere. She has been friends with Run whom she is very close to and fond of, since elementary, often getting lonely when separated from her and threatening anyone who tries to make a move on her, such as the boys who often hang around her. She likes it when Run praises her, about anything at all, such as being smart or good at hiding things (when she tucked her dress-like PE uniform in bloomers). She carries a bat to shoo boys away from Run, making Nagi and Yūko shocked that she is actually an honor student. She disliked Yūko at first, since her first impression of her was seeing her in a compromising situation with Run, and since then constantly teases her at every opportunity. She has a pet cat named Tansan (named after fizzy drinks by Run), whom she cares a lot for. She is also a huge fan of sweets, and likes kids. She appears to be very intelligent, easily able to remember the names of the characters from the all the manga she has read. Tōru also seems to really dislike the fact that she’s very short and skinny, as she has admitted before that she wishes she was a lot more chubbier, due to her long socks being a little too big for her slender legs.


  • "Run-chan! I got into the same High School as you!"
  • "Run-chan was chasing a butterfly and was about to get hit by a car..." - explaining why her clothes are dirty
  • "It's coming from you..."
  • "I wish I was chubbier" - while looking at Nagi, who was on a diet
  • "Yūko, you get the best job" - offering wasabi cake to Yūko on her birthday
  • "E-cups…" - when Yūko asks what "kind of cups" she wanted for her birthday


  • She originally disliked Yūko due to a bad first impression. They started to get along better with time, though.
  • The kanji for her full name is 一井 透 (Ichii Tooru). However, most information about the show, including Kirara Fantasia, use her name in katakana, トオル (Tooru).