Sachiyo Satō

Name Sachiyo Satō
Kanji 佐藤 幸世
Gender Male
First appearance
Manga Chapter 9
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Daisuke Ono
English {{{voice actor english}}}
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Sachiyo Satō (佐藤 幸世 Satō Sachiyo) is the school's health teacher who is actually rather weak himself and he appears to have a crush on Run Momoki that he has an infatuation with her forehead.


  • The name Sachiyo means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (sachi) and "world" (世) (yo).
  • Sachiyo's surname Satō means "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "wisteria" (藤) (tou).
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