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Run Momoki
Name Run Momoki
Kanji 百木 るん
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Kaori Fukuhara
English Xanthe Huynh
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Run Momoki (百木 るん Momoki Run) is one of the main protagonists of the series. She is second year student and the best friend of Tōru Ichii.


Run is a young girl with shoulder-length blonde hair that has bangs clipped up in a parakeet-like hairstyle held up with two Intersecting green (red hair clips in the manga) hair clips and cooper-brown eyes. She is seen wearing a normal school uniform.


Run is surprisingly a obtuse and extremely clumsy girl to the point where her friends often have to stop her from either hurting and/or humiliating herself in the process. This is mostly due to her being a bit ditzy, and is also very carefree, and does whatever she feels like at the moment, such as following ants to their ant hill, and so on. She's also been occasionally known to be emotionally sensitive, like when her and Tōru Ichii were walking to school, and when Tōru realizes and tells Run that she forgot her panties, she freaks out. Tōru tries to reassure her with a lie that it just happens, but when she quickly finds out what Tōru was thinking and realizes that she was lying, she runs away feeling insulted, crying. Aside from that, however, she is an extremely lovable, thoughtful, and loyal friend. She also appears to be very kind towards those who have crushes on her which are most of the males she often runs into. This though often causes Tōru to come close and shoot them off with a bat she often carries around for protection.

Her favorite animals are birds since she loves to eat them (e.g. chicken) and she finds them cute. She loves to eat so much that her phone's ringtone is the sound of meat grilling. She has been the best friend of Tōru since elementary school. Run is also very sleepy and it is mentioned that she is not a morning person.



  • Run's surname Momoki means "hundred" (百) (momo) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki).
  • Sachiyo Satō (the health teacher) appears to have a crush on Run that he has an infatuation on her forehead, but she is unaware of that.