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New Term - Abnormal circumstance
Episode 8.png
Season 1, Episode 8
Kanji 新学期 - Abnormal circumstance
Romaji Shin Gakki - Abnormal circumstance
Air date May 27, 2011
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Summer Festival - August's end
Present - Abstract art

New Term - Abnormal circumstance is the eighth episode of the A Channel anime.


As summer vacation ends and school resumes, Tooru's homeroom teacher, Ms. Kitō, is unusually energetic. Meanwhile, Yutaka continues to harrass Tooru, with Miho explaining why they became such fans of her. Later, Tooru and Run end up having an argument, which lead their respective friends to become concerned for them the next day. As Run notices that Tooru had anonymously bought her a drink, she finds her on the roof where they make up with each other.

Featured song: "We Don't Have Wings" by Aoi Yūki (Tooru) and Kaori Fukuhara (Run)