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Nagisa Tennōji
Name Nagisa Tennōji
Kanji 天王寺 渚
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Yumi Uchiyama
English Morgan Garrett
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Nagisa Tennōji, often called Nagi, is one of the main protagonists of A Channel. She is a second year student and the classmate of Run Momoki and Yūko Nishi.


Nagi has brown hair tied into sports pigtails and large circular glasses. She looks very beautiful when she lets her hair down and removes her glasses. She once tried to change her hairstyle when she was in middle school, but her father, however, started doting on her, and being annoyed, Nagi gave up, and stuck with her old hairstyle. She usually wears the school uniform under a light brown sweater. She wears a certain design of socks with different colors. She has brown or red eyes.


Nagi is an intelligent girl who often makes quip remarks to her friends. She is conscious about her weight and started going on a diet, before agreeing to quit and to take it easy. She is weird in a way, where she talks to herself, and is somewhat sneaky and evil, at times. For example, when she enjoys scaring Yūko Nishi or watching Tōru Ichii tease her.

She hates cold weather that she covers her entire body up in winter, where quoted by Tōru, makes her look like a pervert.

She has a habit of putting her hands at the back of her head after eating food, and biting the straw after drinking beverages.


  • The name Nagisa means "beach, seashore" (渚).
  • Nagi is very near-sighted and she needs someone's help in order to get through her day without her glasses.


  • "So that's Tōru? She sure is small." - in Run Momoki's house when Tōru Ichii arrives
  • "No matter what you do, don't look back." - to Yūko Nishi so that she won't look at the dog behind her
  • "Something came out!" - running from the toilet with Yūko after seeing a "ghost"