Miho Noyama
Name Miho Noyama
Kanji 野山 美歩
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 9
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Momoko Saitō
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Miho Noyama is a first year student and Yutaka and Tōru's friend and classmate.


She has long waist-length dark hair and red eyes. Her bangs are somewhat short.


Miho is kind girl. She also wants be friends with Tōru, though not quite to the extremes of Yutaka, as she takes Yutaka away from Tōru to give her private space. She was known as the "remote control" in her and Yutaka's middle school, where she likes to control everything perfectly, like Yutaka's 3-minute-rule where she can only hug Tōru for three minutes, and so on.


Yutaka ImaiEdit

They have been friends since middle school. She affectionately calls Miho "Miporin".

Tōru IchiiEdit

She is also a "fan" of Tōru like Yutaka, however gives Tōru her private space and does not obsess over her unlike Yutaka. She said she likes that Tōru is good at everything and yet doesn't brag about it, and is also cool and composed.