Kimiko Kitō
Name Kimiko Kitō
Kanji 鬼頭 紀美子
Gender Female
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Minori Chihara
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Kimiko Kitō is Tōru Ichii class's homeroom teacher.


Kimiko has dark brown hair tied to a bun in the bottom of her head and purple eyes. She likes to wear a white labcoat.


Ms. Kitō is always very motivated in many things, such as morning greetings, cleaning the school, and many other things, much to the dismay of the students. She is especially motivated with her hobby, poetry. She has a poetry notebook where she writes in whenever she gets an idea. However, she seems quite shy to admit that she writes it.

She cares greatly for her students, such as when she asks Yūko Nishi to share her worries with her, however, being her pestering motivated self, wouldn't stop bugging her even after Yūko says she doesn't have any worries. She is also proud of her students when she sees their good attributes, such as when she felt happy when Tōru worried about her health.

She always fights with the school's sickly and weak health teacher Sachiyo Satō.