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Name Hira
Kanji ヒラ
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Chapter 54.5 (A Channel ~Days in Junior High School~)

Chapter 60 (main story)

Anime +Smile OVA 3
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Hira is one of Tōru and Run's friends from back in middle school. Almost all of her appearances are from the manga.


She's a girl somewhere around Run's height with long, orangeish red hair and red eyes. Her school uniform consists of a partially tied blazer with a beige vest and a white button-up shirt underneath, a grayish miniskirt and black knee-high socks. This outfit implies that she's in a different school from the rest of the cast.


She's naive and dumb to the point that Nagi thought Run had common sense.

Hira tries to be helpful to her friends; both old and new, even if they are actually annoyed by her. A example of this would be on Days in Junior High School, where she tries to get Tōru's phone number without any success.