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A Midsummer Night's... - A school in summer
Episode 6.png
Season 1, Episode 6
Kanji 真夏の夜の・・・ - A school in summer
Romaji Manatsu no Yoru no... - A school in summer
Air date May 13, 2011
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Sea - An ocean far away
Summer Festival - August's end

A Midsummer Night's... - A school in summer is the sixth episode of the A Channel anime.


Run ends up giving Tooru an undesirable haircut, but manages to fix it into something she appreciates. Tooru has trouble dealing with her erratic teachers while Yūko mistakes Yutaka's way of dusting out her neckerchief as a cry for help. When Yuko forgets a form she needs to fill in at school, the gang decide to sneak into the school at night to retrieve it, as well as do some exploring. As Nagi and Yūko go to the bathroom, they spot a strange glow outside, which they later discover to be Mr. Satō who then collapses, forcing the others to carry him to the nurse's office. At the end of the day, Yūko still forgets to collect her form.

Featured song:[]

  • "Let's Explore" by Yumi Uchiyama (Yūko)