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A Channel
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The first volume, featuring Tooru


Comedy, Slice of Life

Written by

bb Kuroda

Published by




Produced by

Studio Gokumi

Original run

April 8, 2011 – June 24, 2011



A Channel (Aチャンネル Ē Channeru), is a Japanese four-panel comic strip by bb Kuroda. It was first serialized in the seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat on October 28, 2008, published by Houbunsha. An anime adaptation by Studio Gokumi aired in Japan between April 8, 2011 and June 24, 2011.


Main characters[]

Tooru Ichii

A short first year student who often has overly long sleeves. Due to her short and skinny stature, she often has trouble finding clothes that fit her. She has been friends with Run since kindergarten, often getting lonely when separated from her and threatening anyone who tries to make a move on her. She disliked Yūko at first, since her first impression of her was seeing her in a compromising situation with Run, and since then constantly teases her at every opportunity. She has a pet cat named Tansan.

Run Momoki

A blonde second year student with a parakeet like hairstyle and Tooru's best friend. She is incredibly ditsy to the point that her friends often have to stop her from hurting herself in the process.

Yūko Nishi

A long haired second year student and Run's classmate. She is something of a scaredy-cat who often finds herself at the mercy of Tooru's teasing, usually because she is envious of her tall and well endowed figure.

Nagisa Tennōji

Nagi for short. A second year student and Run's classmate who sports pig-tails and glasses. She is pretty intelligent and often makes quip remarks to her friends. She is sometimes conscious about her weight and hates hot weather. She looks completely different when she lets her hair down and removes her glasses.

Other characters[]

Yutaka Imai

A first year student and Tooru's classmate. She is a fan of Tooru and constantly tries to get friendly with her, much to Tooru's despair.

Miho Noyama

A first year student and Yutaka's friend and classmate, who Yutaka affectionally calls Mipo-rin. She is also a fan of Tooru, though not quite to the extremes of Yutaka.

Sachiyo Satō

The school's health teacher, who is actually rather weak himself. He appears to have a crush on Run and has an infatuation with her forehead.

Kimiko Kitō

Tooru's homeroom teacher, who is obsessed with poetry. She is often quite motivated in the mornings, much to the dismay of the students.

Taki Kamate

Run, Yuko and Nagi's homeroom teacher, who has a rather laid back attitude. She is often seen teaching sports classes.



The manga by bb Kuroda began serialization in Manga Time Kirara Carat from October 28, 2008. Two tankōbon volumes have been released as of March 26, 2011. An anthology comic featuring guest authors will be released on June 27, 2011.


An anime adaptation produced by Studio Gokumi aired in Japan between April 8, 2011 and June 24, 2011. The series began release on Blu-ray Disc and DVD from May 25, 2011, with each volume containing two short +A Channel mini-episodes.